What Should I write

Yes thats the question now.. what should I write ?… I was busy last few days..working all the night and sleeping all the day…and Praveen is on leave .. so no trips or movies…
Its first week of the month…. hmm I will go home this Saturday. I will be going after night shift .. and will stay awake all the days .. howz that ? then.. planning about going for Classmates we have decided to go for another tour soon the old Anakootam hehe anakootam is a group of friends who were in a trip to Kodanadu last year.. was it last year ..not sure..hmm anyway.. the same group is planning for another trip I think I will be the coordinator this time.. let me see… but I need to buy the camera before that . and even I am waiting for the credit card. I have applied for Citi Bank’s card they told me that it will be here in 2 weeks time .I think 2 weeks time is over already where is the card ?hmmm okki wait and see…
There was nothing to write when I started with this post hehe now this is a long one right ? cool .. yea .ann was correct when she said ..simply start writing.. hmm okki  I know there is nothing serious in what I wrote here.. still its simply  for scribbling around ..I am working pretty hard to make my other  blog popular .. I mean to get a few hits daily and also to get increase page rank. Right now I have a google page rank of 4 . I need it to be much larger and popular. 100 visits a day thats my target now. I am getting between 35 and 49 these days. There are days with less traffic too.

Oh another news.. Snemya has joined a Malayalam Daily as journalist here at Eranakulam. A little about her ok ? here we go ..she was my classmate in plus2  . We were great friends there..used to talk a lot ..well both of us are big kathis 😉 We were planning to be Journalists…planned together and she became Journalist and I am here .. 😦 well… now I can help her..with news collecting and all.. that will be fun. and I am buying the camera too so I think soon my pictures will get a chance in some news 😉 great ideas as usual only ideas okki . I will be going to her house next sunday ( on one condition she will come to my house with me same day hehe ) hmm so thats about Journalist Snemya. She is going to be a para for me hehe let me see

So thats all from my now.. ciao ciao


~ by dinsan on October 2, 2006.

One Response to “What Should I write”

  1. hai dinson ist me wouldbe for snemya. She told me about you. whenever you read this message. may be wil will be one who made for each other. any way dinson just contact with snemya then you will get my id

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