Hello friend..I am back after few days leave….I went to our University to get my Degree Certificate…and if you know only a little about University ofCalicut, here is something to laugh or wonder …. I finished my graduation one year back.. and still I dont have the Original Degree Certificate with me. I applied for it 2 days back. If I apply normal its likely to reach me in one year or more and if I apply for “urgent” well..paying a bit more money ..I am supposed to get it in 2 weeks and usually it will be here in 6 months or more. how is it ? .. They made me wait for 3 hours to correct my name in the Mark Lists. They wrote it as dinesan 😦 here is the process… how you get it corrected. I went to the office and asked the first person.. she told me to go to a cabin where an old guy was sitting idle. He asked me details and checked the papers and asked me to go to EA1 and EA1 says its with EA 2 and … I reached EA 9 and a guy asked me to wait for 30 minutes and when I came back after 30 minutes … with a sweet smile .. wait for 30 minutes please .. and when I went again he asked me to write an application ( which he gave me back without doing anything with it ) and then he asked me to come back at 1 PM …and when I came back its lunch time … did he ask me to come at the time of lunch break.. another escape..wait for another hour 2 :15 is the time..and finally here comes my mark lists.. corrected…. and its already time for me to get in to some bus so that I will reach home by 9 PM ….. and the trip gave me throat pain for 4 days….


~ by dinsan on September 25, 2006.

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