Be right Back Ooty !!!



Be right Back Ooty !!!

Yes..thats what I said to my dearest Ooty…when it was time to leave that place.

Ooy makes you stop thinking …stop talking….( but u will start shivering lol ). Well… its Dedabetta ( spell ? ) which I lked a lot. Its the highest peak in south India. Its really really great to be there ..inside the fog…winds.. the deep valley….red carrots and special ooty flowers. Its simply amazing


Boating Had Some Fun


Ooty lake. We started of with the pedal boat. But noticed that the pedal is not working well and we told a guy over there, he told us it will be alright .. well…moving ahead…it was really tough to make it move ..the boat and others were going so fast with simple pedal movements. We trying hard to make it move and there comes a storng wind and we are lost at the other end of the lake and we can’t row back. We started rowing with our hands…and made it move forward. It was really hard to make it move , rowing with hands. Anyway we reached back on the yard and we are 15 minutes late. The man there dint give us the deposit money back. ( we give an amount as a Securuty which will be refunded when you come back after the trip ) Now we started arguing….arguing became louder stronger…and a group gathered there.. well 24 of them were our friends hi hi …….yea the one who was talking to us was funny..he started talking in English…and when we talked in English he talked in HIndi..and when he knew that we talk comes Tamil lol….and one of us knew that too…anyway after a long fight …we got the money back …


~ by dinsan on September 19, 2006.

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