Going to Ooty

I will be away for 2 days ….going for a trip with friends….uhmm so what its going to be lots of fun…oh yea…photos …I shall put them here..keep checking this blog..hehe ( adtv ) I need some visitors na ..

I can’t go home this week since I am taking of regular offs to go to Ooty…dunno if I will have to take an extra leave and go home..

Whats going on with work ? uhmm its pretty boring these days.. and today..I got a task and I started editing a page in our internal website…but it disappeared somehow..and I tried searching a lot…no use..and I started again it disappeard second time !!!!

I know I am writing a lot of silly things..well this blog is meant for silly things lol ..if you feel boring, go to the address bar of this window and replace that “Z” with “S” and you will get much more things to get bored ..just kidding.. well…what you get is my serious blog..this is a silly blog……. I wont think before I write. I will click on write new post …and then start typing ..whatever it is.. you are supposed to read..and suffer too ok ?  well if you get bored a lot….I will tell you what to do.. simply close this page and get back to work …hmm ok next time ..cya friends


~ by dinsan on September 15, 2006.

2 Responses to “Going to Ooty”

  1. aloo
    ninte oru kaaryam

  2. haha don’t u dare call it a silly blog..u made me change mine…ahem…and have fun in ootty 😀

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