The Non-Veg Onam

•August 28, 2007 • 3 Comments

Yes !!!!!!! my onam became a non-veg one. No Sambar or Aviyal… just fried rice and chilly chicken. 😦 … I was in the office and we tried for find a place to get the onam sadya from some hotel .. but no luck.. and finally we had our non veg onam from K.R Bakers. Anyways we got payasam from there .. I think thats the only thing related to Onam…

Problems started in the morning though. I was driving back from my home. ( the only one who spent saturday and sunday at home and started to office on the Onam day ). The bike said it cant go further coz there is no petrol left. ooops I forgot about that Sunday eve… and what to do… I had to take the bike to the nearest ( 4 kms ) petrol pump…

Breakfast ? hmmm no hotels open yet.. had to get some bread.. 😦

So nice onam 😦 😦 😦


Onam and Weekend.

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Half the weekend I will be at work. hmmm nice language ..  I meant Saturday I will be working and yea I will be  working on the day of Onam also. Just miss. If it was a Sunday, it could have been better. Next time !!

Yesterday I realized that is showing some improvement on Search Engine rankings. Good one !!

MBA admission stuff is going on. They will start the classes next month first week or second week. Busy days ahead !. I love being busy with different things lol… anyways its going to be tough for me to move back to the old track, of a being a student, that too after 2 years .. there is going to be a huge amount of stuff to  write about …. wait for me

I’m Sorry

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I know its been a long time since I posted something here. There is nothing much happening these days. I was able to reach the targets at work, with no extra time also. But why no blogging ? I am sorry I dont know. I think I went on thinking about posting something big and forgot to write something about me.

One important thing thats about happen very soon. I will be starting my classes for MBA ssh its not Master of Blog administration !!!……..

Another thing is much more important and a bit personal. 😉 so thats a surprise. I’m confused !!!! will tell you all later

week of news

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Yes, I meant it to be week of news and not news of the week. I went to meet Ammu…
we went for a movie “Hallo” and then lunch together…. was a beautiful silent day even though both of us are “talking machines” thats the biggest news of the week.

Next news fedora reloaded…. yep this is my first post from Fedora Core 7 OS. Will write more about it soon.

I have an offer to put ads on my blog lol. Sounds cool letz see what happens.

Loads of things happening around…. and I keep forgetting things…


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busy days again !! works getting interested .. new things happening..hmm btw we went for Arabhikatha 😉 the new lal jose movie.. and then a dinner fried rice yaaaaay !!!

I dont think I can go home this evening. .. have something to do here late night.. well  a small chat.. thats all.. but I will have to stay back and I will miss the functions there hmm need to rush back home tomorrow morning.

Shakira is my  new favorite..

there is a new post on 2 comments so far… hmm good

fighting is good for health !!!! ( please let me believe so coz I am fighting with someone daily lol )

Bad Bad Me

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Yes, bad bad me .. I missed my license test.. 😦 I don’t know when I am going to get the test again.. so more days ahead .. drives without license.. anyways managed to get in to shift instead.. so I think I can ask for the shift adjustment later.

My sister joined for BA… Literature.. so thats a good news.. ( dont ask for treat please.. 10 or 12 of them pending already… )

It was raining all day. I enjoyed a lot ( I can simply stay here and work.. no need to go out right.. so thats interesting…


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updates on whats going on……

just missing something.. and yea its raining heavily. I had to struggle in the morning to reach here on time and hectic traffic when I approached  the city. Hmm anyways it was fun to drive rain hitting my nose and eyes hihihii….. 

Sunday we had a nice shopping. “she” my sister and me 

we took dress for my friend.. wedding present… and then for my amma and sis…

and then a lunch together.. it was really nice 🙂

hmmm that monkey Ann came online after a loooooooooong time

she is busy with her studies ( thats what she says lol)

I was waiting for her to show my article 🙂

well she came online even though she had only 30 mins  

she is one of those few friends who were with me when I suffered most.

when I was depressed, these people filled me with new energy and kept my dreams bright with their lights… .

I love you all my friends ……….